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My Work

These are my projects. If you'd like to support them or participate please contact me.

My Hoo Hoo and the Destiny of the Universe


My Book

My Hoo-Hoo And The Destiny of the Universe
The Great Sinister Movement, the Golden Age, and the Fire-Walk of a Hare Krishna Kid.

This is my autobiography detailing my life growing up in the Hare Krishna movement, how it was attacked and hijacked, why it is the central key to freeing humanity from the forces of darkness, and how to successfully navigate from corruption to purity.

Preview my book by watching my video series The "J" Files:


My Songs

I've written many songs, often themed from my healing journey, my life, and my ardent desire to glorify the Lord.

Read my song lyrics: Header.jpg


My Mission

My mission is to serve those who wish to live in truth, in love with the Lord, and in purity. The great devotees of the Lord have held the door open to exit this place of birth and death, and my service is to extend that invitation to you.
Please visit our community website to learn more and get involved.


More Projects

As a full-time Mom my time and resources are limited, but that doesn't stop me from aiming high and shooting big.

I have many projects for children's books, animated series, movies, dramas, and education.

If you'd like to help or donate please get in touch!

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